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By Kaval & Shilpa Patel

Depending on your religion or cultural beliefs it will be up to both of you to decide on what type of ceremony (or ceremonies) you require.

Depending on the answer to this you will discover that there are “many” events rather than “one” event to be planned, organised and budgeted for. You’ll need to decide very early on the mini budgets for each individual event.

Remember not every ceremony from every culture or religion is considered to be legal in your country of residence. This will often mean two weddings, one legal (civil) and the other religious (cultural). So check this out in your country before proceeding with plans.

You guessed it – you need a venue for every event that you intend to have, the best tip for this is book it well in advance to avoid disappointment, especially if it is in the traditional summer wedding months!

If you wish to have a private civil ceremony outside of the registry office it will be important to ensure the venues you look at have a license to hold such ceremonies there.

For a reception there are many places you can look into as a potential venue these include churches, temples, hotels, town halls, community halls, sports halls, school halls, conference rooms, function rooms, basically anywhere where there is some form of capacity to meet your requirements.

In choosing a venue make sure you cater for everyone, there is no good booking somewhere that doesn’t allow “outside” catering or use of their kitchen! (This is often a problem for those that are organising Asian weddings). This can lead to spiralling costs, and with a strict budget you simply can’t afford that, unless you have put into place an adequate method of investment to meet your budget.

Remember to check the availability of a priest, vicar or registrar and check the fees required for each of them, and then be sure to match them to the availability of your short list of potential venues. When booking any of these people make sure to arrange any special requirements with them as early as possible. These can include special readings, music, actions and also choose the witnesses that each of you want. It is your wedding – make it how you want it!

Kaval & Shilpa Patel are a recently married couple. Kaval is an Internet Marketer & Financial Market Trader, Shilpa is a Trainee Health Psychologist. The article is one of a series of articles. You can find the other parts to this article series by visiting http://www.excelsiorweddingservices.com/.

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